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  • Max Lucado Max Lucado
    Pastor and Best-Selling Author
    “HOME RUN reminds us of the power of forgiveness, the richness of redemption, and the wisdom of trusting God to revive us.”
  • Rick Warren Rick Warren
    Pastor and Best-Selling Author
    “HOME RUN is a film of great hope.”
  • Joel Osteen Joel Osteen
    Pastor and Best-Selling Author
    “HOME RUN is a must-see story of change and redemption—a story all of us need to hear and know. Freedom is possible with God in our lives!”
  • John Baker John Baker
    Co-Founder, Celebrate Recovery
    “HOME RUN shows us that a change is possible by turning to God's power.”
  • Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer
    Author and Speaker
    “HOME RUN portrays the church in its beauty—true life transformation through real and honest relationships with one another and with Jesus.”
  • Dr. Ted Baehr Dr. Ted Baehr
    “HOME RUN is an entertaining, well-written movie with a powerful evangelistic message that should be seen by everyone.”
  • Andi Parker Andi Parker
    Faith in Film, Daystar
    “HOME RUN is a powerful journey to freedom.”
  • Hess Hester Hess Hester
    Senior Pastor, Southern Hills Baptist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma
    “This movie clearly points the way to healing for life's deepest hurts and hang-ups.”
  • Ron Luce Ron Luce
    Founder and President, Teen Mania
    “This movie is sure to be the first step of healing for multitudes of broken people.”
  • Michael Catt Michael Catt
    Best-Selling Author; Senior Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church; Executive Producer, Fireproof and Courageous
    “HOME RUN is a powerful parable showing us what God can do for a person who hits bottom. Many who come from dysfunctional homes or deal with addictions will find a ray of hope as they watch this film. This is a tool churches and ministries can use now and for decades to come.”
  • Cliff Bartow Cliff Bartow
    Family Christian President / CEO
    “HOME RUN is a powerful story of the redemption of our past, present and future for the glory of God. This timeless message is delivered through a baseball story and a man's key relationships. We can all relate at some level to parts of this story which makes this movie so compelling. I would highly recommend this film to everyone.”
  • Jim and Tamara Graff Jim and Tamara Graff
    Founder and President of the Significant Church Network
    “HOME RUN is a compelling story of redemption and restoration. It's a powerful tale that offers hope for anyone struggling with past or present hurt or addictions. The well-told narrative reminds you that no matter where you're at today, tomorrow can be better. Definitely a must see.”
  • Kirk D. Blank Kirk D. Blank
    President, The Munce Group
    “I wholeheartedly support the new movie HOME RUN. Inspiring and entertaining are just a couple of words to describe this faith-based film. The message, 'God is there for anyone—it is never too late to come to Him and He will help—no matter what circumstance you are facing' comes through loudly and clearly. Don't miss your chance to support this great movie.”
  • Chuck Wallington Chuck Wallington
    President, Christian Supply, Inc.
    “HOME RUN is a powerful story of recovery and redemption. I would encourage churches and individuals to fully support this important film and its impacting message. As opening weekend is so critical to the future potential reach of the film, I cannot encourage others strongly enough to join me in attending a showing the weekend of Friday-Saturday, April 19-21. It is well worth the effort!”
  • David Nixon David Nixon
    Director, Letters To God
    “A powerful, meaningful movie that will have you laughing and crying—and definitely moved.”
  • Mariano Rivera Mariano Rivera
    All-Star Pitcher
    “HOME RUN depicts that even though most adult problems come from unresolved childhood issues, through a relationship with Jesus Christ we can break generational curses and establish a legacy of God's love and live a victorious life!”
  • Barry Lyons Barry Lyons
    Former Big-League Catcher and World Series Champion
    “I was amazed to see how HOME RUN paralleled my life and career in baseball, and the addictions and issues I have dealt with in my lifetime. Only through the grace of God and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I have been transformed and redeemed. Without question, I truly believe HOME RUN will help transform people's lives. Glory to God!”
  • Andy Pettitte Andy Pettitte
    All-Star Pitcher
    “HOME RUN is great for not only baseball fans, but anyone looking to be inspired. The story provides an important reminder that no matter how successful we are, we are all affected by the issues that come along. Only through Jesus we can find the peace and comfort to live this life.”
  • Bill Buckner Bill Buckner
    Former All-Star
    “HOME RUN really hit home for me. I'm a former pro baseball player with an alcoholic father. Only through a personal relationship with Jesus was I able to avoid going down the road of addiction. God bless this movie.”
  • Tim Salmon Tim Salmon
    Former Rookie of the Year
    “Home Run is a great reminder that our problems in the flesh can be healed through Christ and his redeeming love.”
  • R.A. Dickey R.A. Dickey
    Cy Young Award Winner
    “I love the heart and the message of HOME RUN: No matter what you've done or what you've endured, with Christ … freedom and redemption is possible. I am living proof.”
  • Dwight Evans Dwight Evans
    Former All-Star Baseball Player
    “HOME RUN is not only a great movie, it's a story of hope that people have to see. ”
  • Ben Zobrist Ben Zobrist
    All-Star Baseball Player
    “It's a powerful movie. I have to be honest it was emotional for me to watch.”
  • Jim Sundberg Jim Sundberg
    Former All-Star Baseball Player
    “HOME RUN is a great story of redemption and recovery—a must see!”
  • Brett Butler Brett Butler
    Former All-Star Baseball Player
    “It's a wonderful movie. It touches your heart in a way that will change your life.”
  • Jose Alvarez Jose Alvarez
    Former big-league pitcher
    “HOME RUN is a gripping movie that reminds us with God's help, we can break free of whatever is holding us back. This movie is a solid hit!”
  • Adam LaRoche Adam LaRoche
    All-Star Baseball Player
    “HOME RUN is a great example of how our pride and the world's view can get in the way of God's plan.”
  • Craig Stammen Craig Stammen
    Big League Pitcher
    “Home Run is a very inspiring and uplifting movie that helps both believers and non-believers realize hardships in life can be overcome with the help of God and God alone. It proves life is not about what has happened to us, but how we choose to respond. With God any response is possible.”
  • David Daly David Daly
    National Director of Baseball Ministries, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    “The Message of HOME RUN is one every baseball player, coach, and parent needs to hear. Without Christ in one's life true peace and contentment can never be found. God can mold us and make us when we allow Him to do so! A great movie with an even greater message.”